Another Frosty Morning

I can’t remember a year where the mornings have been so frosty…so early in the winter. What’s up with this? Is it a sample of the winter to be.

If it is, then I think I’ll start dreaming about a white Christmas now…Like the one we had in 2004.

The snow started falling at about 10pm on Christmas Eve and continued into the early morning hours on Christmas Day leaving 3-4 inches on the ground for Christmas Morning when I wandered out behind the house to take the shot above. Notice how our oaks in the picture are still covered with leaves on Christmas Day.

All it took to put a white Christmas into our DNA was the one occurrence. Now every year as we get close to Christmas, the questions begin to get asked. “Will we have a white Christmas again?”

Of course, the above image became our 2005 Christmas Card.

How about you… What are you dreaming of this year?

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  • Christmas Snow, Alvin, Tx 2004

2 thoughts on “Another Frosty Morning”

  1. What a lovely, evocative photo, Gary. Have to admit, though, as Buck and I watched water puddles freeze and the power went out last night, we’re looking at Marathon, FL on the map. . . . I think we’re getting old and thin-skinned! I’m beginning to consider how pretty a Christmas palm tree might be (maybe I could put a flowering hibiscus on top).

  2. I feel your cold… Though power outages from hurricanes seem to last a lot longer than those from cold or thunderstorms.

    Around our house, every time I threaten to change traditions the women in the household threaten a real revolution… Even as they rail against the trouble it is to follow the tradition itself.

    I am glad to see you plan to keep blogging.

    I hope you and Buck have a wonderful Christmas.

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