December Makes It’s Presence Felt

Frost On The Field

This morning dawned with a coating of white in the field out back. The second frosty morning of this years trek into the cooler months. If this keeps up we may be facing another anomalous season coming. Two nights of frost before Christmas is already pushing past our norms in this area.

The kicker of all this talk of cool weather…It’s supposed to top 70° again by tomorrow. The SE Texas weather roller coaster is off and running for another year.


I saw when I logged in this morning that the folks that write the code that runs this site had rolled out a security update…So, the first thing I accomplished was updating this site. It went quickly and was fairly painless. Know I can look forward to doing it over and over again on my other sites.

If you are running a WordPress blog, be sure and update your site.

What’s Up With Us

Since we’ve made our decision to stay in SE Texas to be near our family and not head for the mountains to live, we’ve been busy planning and researching homebuilders in the area to upgrade our housing and replace this old house  we’ve called home.

After getting some costs on remodeling this place and getting our 70m year old farmhouse up to code, it became clear in a hurry that it would be more economical to build new. So now we are wandering through the morass of different features offered by different builders. And it is really hard to compare apples and oranges…Which is what we seem to be forced to do.

So, between tweaking floor plans and talking to “Consultants” and trying to get ready for the holidays, my posting here may be even more sporadic than normal.

Right now I’m looking for more info on a batch of homes that look like this…

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