Autumn? Not So Much…

After a long hot summer, you would expect the last week of October to be bringing on the cool…Not so much this year.

Record heat is possible the next few days, but a cool down is expected later this week when a weak Pacific front pushes through the Houston region.

Temperatures are likely to tie or set new records today and tomorrow as dry, hot air remains parked above the area.

By the weekend, however, mercury readings could drop into the mid 40s when the front hits. No rain is forecast for at least the next several days.

Today, the high temperature will top out at about 92 degrees under sunny skies. The overnight low will be in the mid 60s.

Normal temperatures for this time of year range from highs in the upper 70s to lows in the mid 60s. The record high for this date is 90 degrees, which was set in 1991.

via Sound like late October? Not really as Houston aims for 92 | – Houston Chronicle.

So we continue to hope for cooler weather. The wind has been blowing for days out of the southwest. Not a common direction for the winds in this area. Warm and dry…We really need some rain. I don’t think we have had a measurable rain in the past month. That’s not a good way to start the slide into winter.

There are always the mountains to count on for a break.

And just because I can…Here is another shot from late last week…

I was doing a pre-season check of the conditions at the National Wildlife Refuge just a few miles south of here. It is looking much more promising than it has in a number of years for the onslaught of migrating waterfowl that should be showing up in a month or so.

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