The Subtleness Of A Southeast Texas Autumn

This shot was taken yesterday in the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. It shows the subtlety of fall colors on the SE Texas coast. We are finally seeing the goldenrod blooming along with the other yellow fall blooms. The trees themselves, are mostly yellow and green.

Sitting at my kitchen table today every breeze brings a shower of leaves from our oaks. But, the funny thing is, when I look up, most of the leaves I see are still green. No browns, not reds, no yellows…just green. But still the leaves shower down.

The other side of this fall weather is the temperatures this week. We are back into summer. The highs on the sheltered south side of our house has been pushing 95° each afternoon. Now these are not the official highs for our area, just the highs as measured outside our back door…in the sun (with the monitor in the shade)…with no breeze.

Yesterday, as I waited for news from my son that our third grandson had been born, I felt the need to get out into nature. It turned out that the sky became the subject of most of the shots that looked like keepers.

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