Blog Action Day 2010 – Water

When I first saw the subject of this years Blog Action Day I was a little dismayed. What could I, a blogger, say that hadn’t been said already by better authors than I.

I signed up anyway…I haven’t missed a Blog Action Day since the concept was dreamed up. So I put the badge on my sidebar, I put a reminder on my calendar, I even stopped and thought about the subject a number of times in the past few weeks. But I really didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted to say.

So yesterday I sat down and opened the Add New Post screen on my admin page and stared at blank white space…

Before long I was remembering last year and the drought we went through. Now I live on the SE coast of Texas. We have a constant moisture supply in our atmosphere. It’s called the Gulf of Mexico. Most summers along the coast here are dry. The main supplier of summer moisture are tropical storms that come ashore.We prefer these storms to stay small. When they grow large and become Hurricanes it’s not so pleasant. But finally it rained and we returned almost to normal.

Just a few years back the southeastern part of the US went through the same type of drought. Streams dried up, water tables dropped, wells all across the country went dry for the first time. Eventually…It rained. And things returned almost to normal.

In many parts of the world, the drought we experienced would be considered normal. You don’t even have to travel out of the US to find areas that live in constant drought conditions. The lack of water in those areas affect everything. The plants that grow, the occupations that are available, even the quality of life of the inhabitants.

Civilized men tend to think that their technology can always solve every problem…Sadly, many of the solutions we have seen in the past few decades are not really solutions that are sustainable. How many bottles of water have you had this week? How many times have you flushed your toilet today?

How long would Las Vegas stay occupied if there wasn’t a Colorado River running through the desert? Take away the lakes formed by the dams to the east and there would never be a half a million people living in this arid desert.

When you look around the world it is water, more often than not, that dictates where people live. In a changing world that is the one thing that does not change. Without water, life is too hard to proliferate. Our abuse of our water resources will have a greater impact than just about any other of our missteps on our continued ability to live upon this Earth.

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