Want a Lot of Traffic

…Just have someone with your name hit the Today Show.

I was checking my email a few minutes ago and I saw I had a couple of comments over at Gary-Boyd.com that had eluded the spam filter. So off I went to see what was said and to make sure they were not actual spam anyway…I glanced over at the stat box and saw I had over 100 page views for the last couple of hours. Nothing to write home about for some bloggers, but an order of magnitude greater than the normal traffic over there.

So following the clues left by the commenter, I chased down the video of this mornings Today Show. Gary H. Boyd is now a famous man. But sadly he isn’t me. And even sadder, I have never bothered with AdSense ads on that site…Oh well, thanks for the traffic bump Mr. Boyd.

Here is the video that seems to be driving it all…

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