Rainy Days and Rainy Nights

Hurricane Alex may have missed us but it’s been raining all week. I have discovered that if I plug my computer feed into the plasma in the kitchen where I sit at the table all day working on my sites, that I can keep the Wundermap from the Weather Underground playing on the other monitor and have almost real-time radar to keep an eye on the thunderstorms.

So I have been spending all of these rainy days revisiting my old posts over at North Carolina Mountain Dreams.

I have been meaning to clean up my categories for a while and now seems like a good time to tackle it. Turns out my categories are all out of control. That blog started on Blogger, moved to WordPress.com before moving to a self hosted WordPress.org site. So over the years, the categories have been growing and growing. I looked just now and it say I have 100 categories. I am trying to trim that down to under a dozen. It looks like it will be at least another week before I manage to finish…

It has been a bit of fun though, going back through those four-year old posts and seeing what it was that was interesting to me back then. Some of them piqued my interest all over again.

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