An Interesting Week

Thunderstorms and Heat

The week started off with thunderstorms rolling through the area…Lights were blinking, internet connectivity was problematic at best but we kept on keeping on. Wednesday’s storms missed us and by Thursday we were into the “Heat” part of the week.

What I mean by heat is that when I wake up each morning I have a pattern…Once I have done my morning worship in the porcelain shrine, I wander through the house turning off porch lights and night lights, restart the coffee pot that Sherry brewed two hours before and glance at the weather monitor on the shelf in the kitchen. This has been the week that presages the actual start of real summer here in our neck of the woods

My personal idea of summer is that once the thermometer begins to start the day at or above 80° each day it really doesn’t matter what the calendar says…Summer is here. The last couple of days have just missed that “rule”. Each day the outside temperature has registered at 79° at sunup. Looks like summer is about to settle down around our heads like a damp woolen cloak.

Death of a Modem

As if the weather wasn’t causing me enough grief in my online life…Thursday brought another surprise.

After years of continued service, my 2-Wire Modem/Router decided to bite the dust. Interestingly, it was just after I had bragged on the 2-Wire’s long life two days earlier that it decided to die. I managed to get one last 30 minute session out of it Thursday. I was just beginning to run through my email when it all shut down and would not restart. So…I spent some time reading and researching offline for a bit waiting for the nearest Fry’s to open. Now keep in mind even out of the morning rush that’s about a 25min drive across three different cities…And that’s considered close around Houston.

I wandered in to the store and headed to the right area of the massive store. I caught the eye of a salesman, he aimed me in the right direction, I grabbed a Netware Modem/Router and a new surge protector. It took another 10 minutes to make it to the checkout…I had to wander through the cameras and the video equipment after looking in the office section.

After driving home I entered the fun part of this whole process…Installing and setting up the modem. It seems it really has been way too long since I last logged into my internet service…I just couldn’t remember my user name and password. I was able to track down my user name easy enough…But the password was more troubling. After futzing around for almost an hour I managed to find it and get the modem setup and long into the internet.

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