It Seems Like I’m Neglecting My Muse

General Muse

Over the past week it has seemed as if I am neglecting the daily muse here at Coffee Muses…What with experimenting with WordPress 3.0 on a couple of test blogs (and posting about what I discover at I have been trying to repost three years of photos on my site (including categories, tags, and descriptions on a new theme). And I’ve been attempting to get back in the swing of growing the content on my Mountain Dreams Network of sites…Sadly the clock plays no favorites, so everything doesn’t get accomplished.

Weather Muse

We are falling into that good old summer weather pattern we’ve seen so often these past few years…Mother nature will tease us on a daily basis with thunderstorms that travel for miles and mile across Texas only to play out as they get within sight of our house. Before the rains we did get last weekend we were in the process of moving into a drought situation again just like last summer. The strip of wildflowers I leave growing each spring is looking just plain brown this year already.

Family Muse

Grandson #2 is rapidly growing up. He speaks an understandable world at least once each sentence. Unfortunately, he has also figured out this week how to turn door knobs and open the exterior doors…Not so good. So far we are keeping most doors locked, but, I guess it’s time to buy those goofy door knob covers to corral his wanders for a little while longer…

Wishing I Was In The Mountains Recapturing The Muse

This is where I wish I was…In a hammock overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains letting the muse capture me…

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