Today Should Have Been My Day

Planning Your Life

My morning email brought me this…

Google CalendarYou've Got Mail

Gary, here is your schedule for:

Thu Apr 22, 2010

All day Thu Apr 22

Retirement Day

Gary Boyd

Google Calendar

I don’t remember when I set up this calendar event in my Gmail Calendar…It must have been at least five years ago, it could have been longer…So when the email showed up today I was a bit surprised. So much for the plans you make…

Coffee Muses About Spring

This week we have slipped back into early spring…Mornings in the 50’s…Misty light fog before the sun climbs above tree line to the east. But, by mid afternoon we are back into early summer with the mercury in the glass tube pushing towards the big 80. At least the breeze blowing under the oaks is cool and refreshing.

I find myself looking at the back field thinking I need to mow…But as long as the wildflowers are putting on even a bit of a show I tend to let it grow. I can’t let it grow to long though or the thistles and the roses and the dewberries  will take over. Since everyone of those seem to bite as you walk past in your bare feet, I tend to take drastic measures like the mower to keep them at a minimum. It really makes it hard to enjoy flying a kite  when you have to keep your eyes on the ground to keep from stepping on thorns.

Speaking of kites. I am not the kite flier my old buddy Bob Dean was. I own a couple of $10 kites that stay up in the ceiling on the storage porch, but Bob had a old phone company type of truck with electric motors to spool in his lines. He really liked to head to the beach and run up a couple of large kites and keep them flying all day. Me I just like to run my little kites up out back and listen to the way they flap in the wind.

If you have noticed a slackening in my posting schedule…Thanks for noticing. I have been playing and studying in the tech side of blogging for the last few weeks as I am trying to figure a way to take this online play to the next level in my life…More on this will follow.

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