Hunting Spring Wildflowers In Texas

Some of the shots I took yesterday as I played on a roadtrip into Texas Spring…

I try each year to make a day trip into the closest wildflower country to my home. The trip takes about two hours just to start seeing good fields of color. Usually, I begin to see some roadside color just north of Sealy after passing I10. But I really don’t start looking for the massive fields of color that start showing up north of Bellville, the Austin County seat.

One of the things I like about this yearly drive is it takes me through the towns I remember from my childhood trips to my grandparents house.  As I was heading into Bellville I kept thinking about how my grandmother used to talk about going to the town for shopping. I couldn’t help but wonder what it was that would take her so far from home. Rosenberg and Richmond were closer and in the same county she lived in…Though, thinking about how my grandfather would drive miles out of his way to avoid traffic, he may have headed away from the closer towns because he felt they were to crowded.

Anyway, the trip was a success. I enjoyed the day driving on country roads…The traffic was very light, which was very good as I was not driving anywhere near the speed limits as I cruised along with my photo eye constantly searching for a composition.

As usual I turned off of Hwy. 36 before the Washington County line and just wandered on the gravel roads I found. I never pay much attention to where I am heading until it gets to be time to start making my way towards home so I never really know where I’ll end up. It always make for an enjoyable roadtrip.

2 thoughts on “Hunting Spring Wildflowers In Texas”

    1. I am glad I was able to bring back some memories, Colleen.

      We do pretty well around home, but it’s a two hour drive to get into real “Bluebonnet Country”. I try to spend a day every year up there. Most years I manage to pull it off. This year was pretty good.

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