Snowmagedon…It Didn’t.

This past week has been eaten up by the minutia of life. That being said…

The prognosticators missed the mark by a couple of hundred miles at the beginning of the week. No snow, no snow flurries, not even any sleet at our house. It’s just as well, I had an appointment to be poked and prodded the next morning.

The bi-annual checkup.

What with all the fun the past year and a half have brought my way, I managed to miss my annual checkup last year. With changes in insurance coverage I lost access to my long time family physician…Not that it mattered, as he chose the same year to transition out of his practice.

Last week I developed a rash on my leg next to a scrape from the week before…It didn’t look very pretty and there was some swelling so it seemed like a good time to choose a new doc. And since it had been almost two years since my last physical, I scheduled both.

Now, as I am sure most of you are aware, a physical means the vampires will be at work and therefore you do not get your morning fast breaker…Now, that’s not too bad. But the kicker is when they inform you that you need to refrain from coffee too…Can you imagine…Me with no coffee.

Well,  I decided to be a good little boy and follow directions for a change…I got myself out of the house a little early…Mainly to remove myself from the temptations of sitting in the kitchen by the coffee pot. As luck would have it I arrived at the clinic thirty minutes early…I found me a seat and began to meditate…and meditate…and meditate…thirty minutes after my appointed time a nurse poked her head out to say the doc was running forty-five minutes late.

Thirty minutes later I made it into the examining room.

Lesson learned…Arrive on time…Never early.

The weather has been very strange…

We keep having the strangest weather this winter. The sun has risen on more frost covered morns than I can ever recall. But by mid-day the temperatures will be pushing into the mid 60’s…even over 70 degrees. Then after sundown the temperatures fall again into the mid to low 30’s…Only to repeat the roller-coaster all over again the next day.

I think the part of our weather full days that are driving my wife mad are the winds. Each year the March winds come a little earlier and stay a little longer. Her trips outside to grab a smoke bring her back inside cussing…Never able to find a sheltered side of the house to hide from the winds…She so hates the wind. Even more than the cold.

It looks like I better enjoy the weather for the rest of the weekend as the prognosticators are calling for rain on Monday. That means the trail that just dried out will be wet again.

Time to take #2 Grandson for a walk…Later.

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