From Spring Back Into Winter…The Difference A Day Makes.

The Weather

Yesterday, when I went through my daily email, this is what I saw from the weather gurus at…

Currently (on Fri 6:22AM CST from Pearland Regional Airport)

Thunderstorm Temp: 70°
Dewpoint: 64°
Wind: S 10 MPH

Today’s email brought this…

Currently (on Sat 6:06AM CST from Pearland Regional Airport)

Partly Cloudy Temp: 37° (Wind Chill 30°)
Dewpoint: 27°
Wind: NW 9 MPH

What a difference. Even the heat pump is complaining. It looks like I should have waited till today to make the pot of chili I cooked last night.

It even looks like a lowering winter’s day this morning. I don’t know where they get the “partly cloudy” in that observation, because from where I sit, there isn’t a “partly clear” anywhere in view.


I find myself getting lost on occasion in the online morass of “How to Blog” sites…Trying to figure out the ins and outs of SEO…Discovering that the cute little plug-ins I liked so much have blown my links all to hell and I can’t figure a way to fix ’em…Things like that just eat up a day.

When I get on a riff like that, I usually end up adding a couple of new subscriptions to my rss reader feed. Sometimes they last sometimes they go away pretty quickly. Yesterday saw the addition of three new subscriptions. I wont be linking to them until I make sure they hang in there, but even so, I managed to add some new notes to my stack of notebooks that live their life beside my computer…

It’s funny somehow…I can take electronic notes all day long, copy and paste effortlessly, file away the notes into folders on my hard-drive or put the somewhere online…but the notes I go back to over and over are the ones I write down in my little green covered “Gold Fibre” project books. Right now there are three-sometimes four living in a stack to my left under the desk lamp. Also in the stack is my 2010 Ansel Adams Desk Calendar…A habit from my days at work where I recorded my time on projects in the little day squares each week. Also living in the stack is a copy of Mark Bittman‘s Food Matters I picked up used through Amazon a week or so ago.

Birthday Photo Roadtrip

For the first time since I began the tradition, my birthday is falling on a weekend. That kind of defeats the pleasure of a roadtrip to the beach…It only seems a bit decadent when you can play hooky and run off while everyone else is at work…

So, “New Rule” as Bill Maher likes to say.

Birthday Photo Roadtrip Rules

Rule One…Birthday Photo Roadtrip will be observed annually on my birthday.

Rule 1.1 (new rule)…If my birthday falls on a Saturday…Birthday Roadtrip will be observed on the preceding Friday. If my birthday falls on a Sunday…Birthday Roadtrip will be observed on the following Monday. Everyone in agreement say “Eye”, all opposed say “Nay”…The “Eyes” rule by unanimous consent all I’s voting “Eye”…

Rule Two…At the discretion of the “Birthday Person” (me), on the half year anniversary of my birth, I may call for and enjoy a Birthday and a Half Photo Roadtrip. As this anniversary falls in August, the beach is not the direction in which we will head

See, even traditions like this have rules…

So the date of this years Birthday Photo Roadtrip will be Friday, February 5th…Hopefully, I won’t see anyone there.

Gotta run…email is piling up and I need another cuppa coffee.

2 thoughts on “From Spring Back Into Winter…The Difference A Day Makes.”

  1. I used to save all that stuff. Print it out even. Now, forget it!

    Come visit sometime.

    Lots more stuff coming from me. Hope I do make the cut!

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