The Weather Outside Is…Crazy Warm.

I really hate to post this knowing what my friends along the Blue Ridge are going through, but…

Today we hit 80° here with the sun out in a perfectly clear blue sky. I guess I better enjoy it before the roller coaster starts down again this weekend.

Just sitting outside while grandson #2 played this afternoon was enough to cause sweat to bead up on my bald naked head. And there wasn’t much of anything you could call a breeze blowing.

On a trip across the county this afternoon I was struck by the monotone nature of the world right now. Our winters don’t usually come with the prolonged below freezing temperature we have had this year (as my heating bill will remind me again next month), so we don’t normally see quite everything turn brown like it is this year. Brown grass, tan-ish gray tree trunks, bare limbs against a clear sky…But the window was down and the outside air felt like spring right here in the depths of winter.

It’s time to move on with this post. The coffee ran out hours ago and the muse is almost gone too. Till the muse rises again…Ya’ll have a good one.

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