Lost In The Muse…

It has been a misty, rainy, quiet day today. Nothing spectacular in the weather, just a slow drizzly, yukky  looking winters day. It’s been quiet because number two grandson and number two daughter went off to stay with hubby for a few days…Don’t ask.

I’ve been lost in the muse because I have been doing research for the last week or so to turn this crazy obsession I have with blogging into something I can call a job. Ever since I decided that the “Mountain Dreams” blog had the promise of something more than just my little dream of moving to the mountains I have tried to figure out what to do with the whole thing. I know Kevin Costner would say “just build it they will come”…And really that’s what I have been trying to do.

But it’s kind of funny…As I build it…I discover just how little I really know about, well…Just about everything. So I have been spending time setting up schedules, downloading resources, printing maps…Everything I think I’ll need to teach myself about these regions I’ve chosen to highlight and write about. In the process, I hope some of the novelty I am finding for myself I can share with others. And somewhere along the way…It would be nice to figure out how to earn a living at the whole thing.

So if I seem to go away off and on…Trust me, the muse is still there. It probably has me by the neck and is shaking me like Tsuga does a mole…And I’ll break away and return to the real world soon with more tidbits to share.

The one thing I am learning right now is that some states have embraced the Internet Age and some just don’t get it. It boggles my mind that I would have to print out a pdf order form and mail it in to order a map that will be shipped to me free…Why can’t I just download a pdf copy of the map instead?

Oh well…It’s already mid afternoon…My third cup of coffee has gone cold still half full and I have things I have to get done before my better half arrives home…Like clean the pot I burned rice in while I was…Lost in the muse.

2 thoughts on “Lost In The Muse…”

  1. Tsuga promised to go easy on you. He’s sort of whipped, anyway: he’s been out in the “big puppy pen”–AKA the Gulag Garden–digging up turnips with the same enthusiasm he digs for moles. The ground is actually thawed down an inch or two today, which makes Turnip Stalking a lot more rewarding.

    1. When I looked up and the clock had almost run off with the day…That was the picture that popped into my head.

      At least he has a decent sized area to work off some puppy energy. The weather today has kept me from walking with the sisters…

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