Walking With The Sisters

I went walking yesterday once the overcast burned off and the north wind picked up…As always, I was joined by the two sisters.


Copper and Big Girl are litter mates. Not that you would ever believe it if you just saw them….


These two sisters have joined me on my walks ever since Ike dropped a oak tree on their house and took out two sides of their yards chain-link fence. They particularly enjoy the walks at this time of year. Cool air just makes them so much friskier.

Big Girl
Big Girl

The girl’s daddy was our neighbor’s Australian Shepard. Momma was a stray that wandered up not too long after we moved into this house. She was a mostly white dog with black spots. Indeterminate of breeding but with a lot of terrier in her ancestry. Mostly bones covered with skin when she showed up, you could tell she had led a hardscrabble life. We started feeding her after she had been around a few days…She adopted me and began to follow me around wherever I went. We took lots of walks through the woods on both side of the road we live on. I named her Dolly. In her time with us she made friends up and down the road. I came to learn she had a regular visitation route where she would show up daily and pickup handouts.

We always assumed Dolly was an older dog. So when she showed up pregnant we were a bit surprised.  The pregnancy took a lot out of the old girl and shortly after she gave birth under the house, she passed away. After figuring out where the puppies were under the house and rigging up a long “hook” to fish them out we discovered she had left us with seven youngsters needing to be bottle fed day and night. Copper was the first one I pulled out from under the house. She was also the runt of the litter.All of her brothers and sisters were black and white, half short haired and half long haired.

We managed to get them all through those initial first weeks living in our living room. We also managed to get four of the seven adopted out. Big Girl was the favorite of our youngest, Copper was mine and the third was adopted and returned…She died a few years ago and is buried out back in our “pet cemetery” with her momma.

Anyway, here are the two sisters on our walk…

It was a nice place to sit and think for an hour or two. Bayou to the south, woods to the north…Sun in my face, wind at my back. The temperature was in the low 40’s, but in the sun that was warm enough. And sitting there, me and the sisters, thinking about matters and tweeting with my cell. It was a nice afternoon…I hope today’s walk will be as well received.

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