A Winters Journey To The Edge Of The World…

“For countless millennia the North Atlantic has raged and stormed against the oldest exposed rocks in the world. This epic battle has forged one of the world’s great archipelagos, a brave band of islands, battered and scarred on the outer front lines, towering and defiant in the inner keep, by turns alluring and heartless, yet always revered for their sheer tenacity.

“It is landscape in places, seascape in others. Fjords slice deep into the towering mountain islands while the low-lying islands remain barely afloat, waterlogged and pock-marked with thousands of lochs. Names betray the races of men who have tried to claim them: Barra and Eriksay, Coll and Tiree, the Uists, and our romantic favorite, The Isle of Skye. On his island sojourn composer Felix Mendelssohn was enchanted by what he saw and he wrote a haunting overture. What else could he call it?

“The Hebrides.”

via Edge of the World: Frame 10,525 – Jim Richardson.


Reading my feedreader this afternoon led me on a journey…A photographic journey of more than epic proportions. Michael Johnston at The Online Photographer pointed the way…It’s a trip I’ll have to take often…Go…Follow the link and check out the photo that just blew my mind… (March 2017 – The image was being fed from Posterous, one of the many web services entities no longer with us. The article is still at the link though, go have a read…)

Thanks Michael for the lead.

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