A Frosty Winter Solstice

The sun came up this morning over a frosty backyard. Frost two days in a row…Pretty unprecedented for this neck of the woods. It’s been a different sort of “winter” already…And it’s only really just beginning.

These frosty morns leading up to pleasantly cool afternoons with highs in the 60’s…What a way to start the winter season. The weather oracles are calling for clouds to roll in this evening…Even a chance of rain falling from above…But the kicker is that the temperatures will be moving into the 70’s before we cool down just a bit for Christmas.

As I head into this final week of Christmas planning, wrapping and last minute shopping, I am thankful for all of the imaginary friends I’ve made through this blog. To all of you who read these muses over my morning coffee…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

From Christmas Fifty Years Past

That’s me on the left…Fifty years younger. Dad is gone now…But the rest of us are still going on…Not bad for a half a century.

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