My Favorite Time Of Year…Autumn On The Texas Gulf Coast.

We are now entering my favorite time of the year. Cool fall days in the low 70’s and nighttime lows dipping down into the 50’s. Skies so blue that if you could capture the color you’d be set for life. Birds twittering in the predawn trees, welcoming the day as the sun burns of the morning mist.

All day long the hawks, returning to the coast from their summer up north, call out to each other as they cruise the treetops.

Here in my neck of the woods we are having a spring like fall. The drought of the past twelve months appears to have given way to regular rains. For the first time in a couple of years the ground is holding moisture between rains. The grass is actually green for the first timr this year. The trees that have been dropping leaves all year are now holding on to a new lease on life.

Looking out my back screen door today I could see the beginnings of the coming color change. You just need to be aware…We do not see colors in the fall like much of the country. What I am seeing is just a hint of yellow out of the corners of my eyes.

At best, the Chinese Tallow trees should be showing their garish colors before too much longer. These trees are the only ones in the area that are dependable for fall color…Trees that are imports, that take over fields whenever they are left fallow…Trees that cover thousands of acres in this neck of the world…

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