Fungi Conundrum

Walking out to the mailbox today I spotted this guy growing at the base of one of our live oaks. I don’t know what caused the strange pattern of growth, but it is definitely different.

Another thing I noticed as I wandered down the drive is the first batch of webworms I have seen this year. Usually by this time of most of the pecans in the neighborhood look pretty bedraggled with most of their leaves nothing but skeletons and silken webs covering almost all of their limbs. I have never figured out the affinity of the worms to pecans, but it is nearly universal in this part of the country.

As I was getting a cup of coffee earlier, I glanced out the back door and spotted a coyote walking across the yard back by the woods. This makes the third time I have seen coyote’s wandering around the woods down there. My wife had claimed for years that she saw coyotes as she would stand out and have her morning cigarette…While I didn’t doubt her, I never saw one until this summer.

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