Weather Musing For The End Of July…

It is mid day here in southeast Texas. The temperature is pushing 90°. The clouds outside my kitchen window are growing black and rumbling with a bit of thunder. In other words, we are back on the “normal” side of a normal Houston~Galveston summer.

That doesn’t mean it is in any way comfortable to be out…Yesterday I took the young grandson out on the front porch after 6pm to sit and rock for a while…The thermometer was still reading 94°. Even with the touch of a breeze we were able to feel (the front porch being on the wrong side of the house for most summer breezes), it was way too hot to sit for very long.

Catching the morning temperatures from the Blue Ridge Mountains each morning gives me something to look forward to. Whenever Sherry and I discuss moving that way she will always point out that it’s only a few degrees cooler…But a summer morning coffee on the deck with a 62° thermometer reading as opposed to a back porch morning coffee where the themometer is reading 78°…Well, let’s just say I would rather be in the mountains.

Well, it looks like we will miss the promise of that bit of thunder I were hearing as I began this muse…Not that I had any doubt. Even though the weather patterns have moderated from last months weeks of 100°+ temperatures and no rain even in sight, we are not out of the drought pattern yet. We’ve had just enough rainfall to regreen the grass a bit…I even saw a few mushrooms last week…But, everything is starting to shrival up again.

Oh well, it’s time for one last cup of coffee before I shut the pot off…Catch ya’ll later.

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