A WTF Moment…

Can someone explain the connection between Credit Card Reform and the right to bear arms in national parks? Now don’t get me wrong, I was raised to be a hunter, I bought my first guns at 18, my grandfather was a life long hunter who bought and passed down a south Texas ranch just so his descendants would have a place to hunt…But what the f++k does carrying a gun into Yellowstone…or Yosemite…or The Smokey Mountains have to do with the immoral practices of the credit card industry and the governments need to regulate a group that has begun to make loan sharks look like model citizens?

Unfortunately, the powerful pro-gun forces in the Senate managed to contaminate the bill with an amendment to allow licensed owners to carry loaded firearms into national parks. This is a cynical attempt by the gun lobby to take advantage of consumers when they most need Washington’s help. The House, which could vote on the Senate version as soon as Wednesday, should reject the amendment — even if it takes a little longer for the bill to go to the White House.

via Editorial – Safer Credit Cards – NYTimes.com.

For the record:

Amends: H.R.627 , S.AMDT.1058
Sponsor: Sen Coburn, Tom [OK] (submitted 5/12/2009) (proposed 5/12/2009)

To protect innocent Americans from violent crime in national parks and refuges.



    Amendment SA 1067 proposed by Senator Coburn to Amendment SA 1058. (consideration: CR S5349, S5359-5360; text: CR S5349)
Amendment SA 1067, pursuant to the order of May 12, 2009, having acheived the required 60 votes in the affirmative, was agreed to in Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 67 – 29. Record Vote Number: 188.

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