The Return To Spring…

Here I am, enjoying the second day of our brief return to spring-like weather. The house is open and the day is the kind California and Florida like to claim they enjoy year round. A few small, fluffy, cotton-ball clouds are scattered across a blue sky…The breeze softly caresses the tops of the trees out the window.


Later…After spending some time out in the shade of one of our remaining oaks with #2 grandson around noon and walking back to the back of the back yard with him, the afternoon temps have climbed into the 80’s. Almost hot enough to turn on the AC again…I am looking forward to the evening cooldown at least one more day before that happens.


For some reason we are still seeing what I would call dewberries ripening…Usually the season for our dewberries is over with by the time May starts. The vines at the back of the yard are covered with bright red, unripe berries…And a few ripe, juicy, black ones…At least, until I see them. Then all you see is red again.

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