Why I Unfollowed 45,000 People On Twitter

Everybody following everybody isn’t a networked community; it’s a madhouse. Enough of the madhouse. Let’s build something truly powerful and show the world all the beauty we can bring about with that power!

via Why I Unfollowed 45,000 People On Twitter.

I wondered when I first heard of Twitter what the fuss was about. I joined anyway…At first I did what everyone does and followed a bunch of big names the same as everyone else. I soon discovered I needed strategies to be able to keep up with the chaos. Mostly I used Tweetdeck to really follow those people I found important to me. The whole time I had one of the services following everyone who followed me. That lasted about a month…Maybe two. Then I too, started winnowing the chaff.

Ever since it’s been follow only people I want…Follow almost no one who has tens of thousands of followers or who follows tens of thousands…I’m not interested in being lost in the dust cloud. So my follow numbers are low, my follower numbers are even lower,  but it’s much easier to keep up with the tweets I want to see using just the Twitter interface.

One thought on “Why I Unfollowed 45,000 People On Twitter”

  1. And you’re probably getting a lot more value out of your Twitter experience than if you’d continued to follow everybody back and occasionally dip into the main stream from your 3rd party platform!

    Tweetdeck can be great to organize things. But I don’t see a huge use for it otherwise.

    I’m glad you’re on board. I wish I’d come to the same conclusion months ago. Enjoy!

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