The Great Disruption

In the meantime, says Gilding, take notes: “When we look back, 2008 will be a momentous year in human history. Our children and grandchildren will ask us, ‘What was it like? What were you doing when it started to fall apart? What did you think? What did you do?’ ” Often in the middle of something momentous, we can’t see its significance. But for me there is no doubt: 2008 will be the marker — the year when ‘The Great Disruption’ began.

via Op-Ed Columnist – The Inflection Is Near? –

Thomas Friedman has been saying some important things in the past couple of years. Each column, each interview, every television and radio appearance seems to help articulate the story he is telling.

In my book he has joined a number of journalists who have stepped out of just reporting and into the mode of teaching. If you haven’t been keeping up with Mr. Friedman, take a few minutes and go back to school

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