Musing My Morning Out…

I was thinking back to my start at blogging and how it was the first time I was ever able to “do” morning pages. In the past few months I seem to have lost that direction(?). I have begun to spend more time wandering the random web than polishing my dreaming stones…I need to get my groove back.

This morning I went looking in my archive to see where (when) this blog began…I discovered I really need to do housekeeping chores around here more often. At some point in the past some blog posts began duplicating. What makes it hard to figure out is it wasn’t every post and the posts that were duplicated seem to have had two copies as a rule. It only took about a half hour to run through and delete the duplicates, but,  where did they come from? Hopefully, nothing went boom in the process.

One thing that made my search for the beginning of Coffee Muses was that at some point last year (and yes it was noted in my archives, I just didn’t pay attention as I was running through just now) I rolled my old Blogger political muse, Blues From The Red Side of Life, into this site by importing that archive before I shut down the blog on Blogger. “Blues” had it’s start as a spinoff from my original blog North Carolina Mountain Dreams, when I didn’t want to alienate any of the few readers I had there with my liberal rants against our rulers during the 2006 elkection cycle.

It was after that years election that I began to notice I was categorizing more and more blog posts as “muses over my morning coffee” on NC MT Dreams…It didn’t take too long for the acorns falling from that tree to finally pound the truth through my hard head. Thus Coffee Muses was born and I rededicated NC MT Dreams to my dream of moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

So a routine settled in…Get up and get ready for work, grab a cup of coffee, scan my email looking for a muse, check out the blogs I found inspiring…Write a quick post then hit the road to work. A year and a half of this routine and bam…Life throws you that spitball. Your plans don’t count because your plans were based on being allowed to work out your career and end it when you planned. I got too settled, too complacent, too trusting even…So three months and a couple of weeks later and I’m still mostly rudderless as I try to find a route on this new trail of my life. And as I make my way, the world seems to be falling apart around me…Jobs drying up, businesses shutting down, families being put out on the street.

And I still dream my mountain dreams…someday…someday soon.

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