This past week the signs of the season’s change have sprung up all around…The oaks that were stripped of their leaves by Ike in September, now are leafing out with all of that bright, spring green color that changes the very light. Around the edge of this little house the pastel colors of the azaleas have begun to jump at you out of the evergreen background of the ferns and honeysuckle.

But just to make sure we aren’t taking anything for granted, the weather goddess dropped a cold front on us yesterday…we woke up this morning with temperatures in the 30″s. Just to give you some idea of our winter weather, we’ve had only to lows this month even reach the thirties. In january we had 11 days that dropped to at least 39°. In the month of December (the whole month and not just the wintery portion) we had 5 days and the majority were early in the month…Go figure.

Oh well, today has every indication of being a beautiful “spring” day. I think I’ll get out and enjoy it…Catch ya later.

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