Monday Morning Muse…What’s with this weather?

Currently (on Mon 6:02AM CST from Pearland Regional Airport)

Light Rain Temp: 66°
Dewpoint: 64°
Wind: SE 9 MPH

The weather here this winter has seemed to be more spring (or fall) like than any I can recall seeing. Checking the almanac for the past two months is eye opening. Since the winter solstice we have seen 24 days above 70°…42 days above 60°. Now the average high for today is 64° and our official low for today is already at 66°. There were even two days over 80°, with a third on December 19th.

I am happy for the light rain I am listening to through the open door. We need all of the rain we can get…At least here at our house, for the past year or so, we have been bypassed by most of the percipitation that has fallen in the area…When you watch thunderstorm after thunderstorm pass to the east or the west week after week you begin to wonder.

I guess we should all be happy about the low rainfall amounts since Ike. What with all of the blue roofs we still see throughout the area, lack of rain is probably a good thing. My wife was tellin me over the weekend about someone she works with who is having to get a lawyer now…Seems the latest appraiser to come out and look at her house is blaiming the water damage on the nails used to put the tarp on the roof…The thing is, their chimney blew down and went through the roof during the storm…but the water damage is from the nails in the tarp over the holes…I’m beginning to think that it would be better to bank the insurance premiums and self insure myself…My storm damage expences would have been covered in full and not at 15 cents on the dollar…Or maybe I should get myself declared a financial institution, then I could be bailed out…And buy a private jet to boot.

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