Every Peanut Product From Ga. Plant Recalled

And the “good” news just keeps coming in. At what point do we stop putting so much trust in corporations to do the “right” thing…Not just the profitable thing?

In one of the largest food recalls in history, the Food and Drug Administration asked retailers, manufacturers and consumers yesterday to throw out every product made in the past two years from peanuts processed by a Georgia plant at the heart of a deadly nationwide outbreak of salmonella illness.

The action came after federal officials discovered this month that the company, Peanut Corporation of America, knowingly shipped products contaminated with salmonella 12 times in 2007 and 2008, prompting a congresswoman to call yesterday for a criminal investigation by the Justice Department.

Two years worth of products. Most of which have probably already been consumed…When do we begin to really regulate and test the food products these corporations are selling? Why is it only when people start dieing that we are able to find out that our food isn’t safe? I can understand it’s on our heads when it comes to raw foods that need to be cooked. But, things like peanut butter…You eat that right out of the jar on a piece of bread.

Federal officials found four different strains of Salmonella enterica at the plant, raising questions about whether products besides peanut butter and paste may have been contaminated.

via Every Peanut Product From Ga. Plant Recalled – washingtonpost.com.

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