The First Church of Scoble (Scripting News)

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You can’t be on Twitter or FriendFeed and not be inundated with comments from and about Scoble. I don’t know how he does it, but it’s really annoying. I find myself relaxing when he takes a break from Twitter, for example to fly from Europe to the US. Finally I can speak without having everything one-upped by Scoble. Whatever it is, he’s done it better, or bigger, or with more important people. It’s irritating because I don’t believe it. I’d really like it if he just turned down the volume. Or if there were a way to segment the Twittersphere, I’d like to be in the part where Scoble isn’t the main topic of conversation 24-by-7.

The First Church of Scoble (Scripting News).

I am still trying to figure out where Twitter fits into my online life…But I have quickly learned to agree with the above sentiment.

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