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It seems that 2008 is insistent on going out looking more like summer in the mountains than winter…Today has been gorgeous, no matter what the forecast might say. It reached 70° with high wispy clouds for the third day this week. I spent some time out in the back yard soaking up some vitamin D and enjoying the cool north breeze.

From the look of the forecast we will be having more of the same for the rest of the week…


I stumbled across a reference to the “Mountain Stage” a couple of days ago. I am happy I found this radio show out from West Virginia Public Broadcasting because they have a really great batch of musical archives…Go give ’em a listen, I am.


Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone out there a Happy New Year…2008 hasn’t been a verfy freindly type and I’m sure like a lot of you I’ll be happy to see it go…Here is hoping 2009 gives us a better run.

As I sat in the sun this afternoon contemplating the changes 2008 has brought into my life, I find I’m not feeling too bad about any of it. Even with the changes in my personal situation, we are still in better shape than quite a few folks. I’ve met some new freinds, reaquainted myself with some old freinds, seen new members added to the family…What more can you ask for?

2009 is already slated to be a new beginning in more ways than one…For me, for my family, for my country. I am ready to geon to what’s next…Are you?

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