Some cutbacks may be hard…

Christmas Dinner Meal
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To get past the better half.

WINEDALE — OK, I believe it. They’ve got me convinced.

Here at the old country house in Washington County, winter has come to the front porch so I’ve moved inside by the fire.

I’ve sat here and read three magazines and two newspapers. With this computer I’ve roamed the Internet. On TV I’ve watched the talking heads.

And I will say that I’ve never in all my time heard so much poor-mouthing about the economy. Even the optimists are saying things will get worse before they get better and they’re already bad.

Christmas cutbacks in tune with the times | Leon Hale | – Houston Chronicle.

I seem to be meeting with the same spousal reaction as Leon.

For Christmas dinner I’ve nominated squirrel stew, which I thought would be appropriate for a scaled-back holiday feast. That met with opposition. It was put to a vote and the result was a one-to-one tie.

So I lost. But I’ll try again on New Year’s. We got a lot of fat squirrels on this place.

Sherry and I were discussing ourplans for Christmas Dinner just last night. When asked what I thought I suggested a big pot of chili, cornbread on the side…Like Leon, I lost. Our negotiated compromise started out sounding like a deli sandwich, ham and turkey with a list of sides that went on forever. Trimmed down menu sound more manageable…Turkey (breast only since I’m the only one who really likes the rest of the bird), stuffing (at least I will get some cornbread), mashed potatoes, green beans, and on and on…You know where we will be spending Christmas day…In the kitchen.

I’ll lose again at New Years because our compromise Christmas dinner included moving the ham to our New Year Day dinner. Easier menu though…The required vegetables, blackeyed peas and cabbage, add in a few others to round out the meal.

So it appears I have two trips to Froberg’s ahead of me in the next ten days…Fresh, local grown vegetables. One of the benefits of our climate here is they are still harvesting the fall season crops.

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