And the good news keeps on coming

The deepening recession has eroded the financial standing and optimism of a broad swath of Americans, nearly two-thirds of whom say that they have been hurt by the downturn and that the country has slipped into long-term economic decline.

In New Poll, 63 Percent of Americans Say They Have Suffered From the Recession –

Well at least I am in good company…The great pajama clad, blogging mass of the semi-retired by the financial crisis of 2008. Gives me a reason to remember the Bush Presidency.

I can hear it now when on of my grandsons ask, “Grandpa, what were you doing when the world fell apart?” I’ll have to answer that I blogged about it before going out to weed the “victory” garden. I already have my “mission acomplished” banner ready to hang across the entry arbor…Oh well, at least the working environment will be better than the one I left behind…And healthier, too.

Besides, the sidewalk supervisors are cuter…

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  1. I can tell them what i did to capitalize on the downturn… made a site for love. When there is an absence of money, people always try to replace it with love :).

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