A Beautiful, Chilly Morning

Currently (on Sun 5:53AM CST from Pearland Regional Airport)
Clear Temp: 36°
Dewpoint: 34°
Wind: Calm MPH

After a gorgeous day yesterday, the sun is rising over the start of what looks to be another…Just cooler. This day looks and feels a lot like Saturday morning last week in Fredericksburg. Cool, dry, and not a cloud in the sky. Blue skies like this only happen at this time of year…

Red-shouldered Hawk
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Walking around this place the past couple of days I’ve noticed that almost all of the pecan trees growing in the area have started new leaves since Ike blew through. It really looks a little strange to see all of these trees with some season ending tattered leaves and a bunch of pale spring green new leaves. I guess it’s better than all of my oaks, they just look naked. Stripped of most of their leaves by the 100+ mile per hour winds at the peak of the storm this area has looked like a cross between fall and winter without the the small pleasure of our muted color change season.

From the morning forecast I can see that we are matching the temperatures of the Blue Ridge Mountains of NW North Carolina and SW Virginia right now. The difference between our forecasts is we will almost reach 60 today while Boone and Floyd will be luky to reach 40.

On a couple of mornings this past week I have had a Red Shouldered Hawk sitting in the oak tree outside my window. The limb it prefers is just far enough away that the 200mm lens just doesn’t pull it in at a size that makes the image postable…But I enjoy the visits.

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