Corn…it’s only good for ‘shine.

Put that fruit juice down and grab a Coke.

Haven’t you heard? High-fructose corn syrup — the ubiquitous sweetener found in everything from soft drinks to ketchup — isn’t bad for you at all. It’s true, because I saw it on TV.

The story behind the corn industry’s cloying ad blitz | By Tom Philpott | Grist | Victual Reality | 17 Oct 2008.

And so we find corporate agriculture trying to sell us on distroying our health. The freedom of speech going to the highest bidder.

Once upon a time there was a phrase, used often in the absense of reality, that reference “truth in advertising”. The question I have is this…When did truth in advertising die? Was it with the onset of political advertising or was political advertising the outcome of the death of “truth in advertising”?

Anyway, go check out Tom’s latest over at Grist…It’s worth the read.

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