Maybe Autumn Does Exist In This World…

For the first time in the back half of the year it really does feel like autumn this morning…We are even feeling like the mountains I long for…

Alvin, TX
55.0 °F / 12.8 °C
Boone, NC
51.7 °F / 10.9 °C
Floyd, VA
53.4 °F / 11.9 °C

What a way to wake up. Considering that for the last week and a bit we have been waking up to temps in the mid 70’s…I feel like I’ve retired and moved to heaven…opps, the Blue Ridge

I like what Fred First has to say about the season in today’s post on Fragments…

If there is, as I have written, a “neither-nor” season as spring comes so agonizingly slowly, there is the autumn equivalent, still green while leaves sound brittle and senescent even before they yellow and fall. And a slow departure makes the transition a bit easier to get our minds and hearts around.

Days shorten. Life centers within walls. The smell of woodsmoke and wool blankets. Bring it on.

Enough Light for Reflection | Fragments From Floyd.

I can attest to all of the above except the wool blankets…They are not required around here…’Cause, where Fred can expect a high today in the 60’s, we will still be pushing 85 by mid afternoon. So goes fall in Texas.

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