2 thoughts on “The Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives…”

  1. There was a difference yesterday on Capitol Hill when the Republicans mostly voted no to the socialist bailout. You can see why the bailout is a bad idea here:

    It’s obvious that these economists (not “right wing” Gary) reveal how Government intervention in free markets is the cause of this crisis, and that this government should not be rewarded with more money. I think I mentioned that Gary Becker, nobel laureate, said that markets fail when government intervenes, but you discounted the information.

    The conservatives have a handle on the dangers of an Obama presidency that would only increase government intervention in American’s lives.

  2. You know Jim, in a way you are right. The bailout was caused due to government relaxing the regulations that kept the greed of the financial firms from running away with their good sense.

    Government intervention in the lives of Americans kept our banking system in good shape right up until the deregulation excesses of the 1990’s.

    As I havesaid before, Jim, I trust the government much more than the CEO who manages to manipulate the system for the benifit of his own bottom line…

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