Beware of ‘hurricane fatigue,’ officials warn | Houston & Texas News | – Houston Chronicle

With Hurricane Ike set to travel nearly the length of Cuba today before heading into the Gulf of Mexico, residents from Texas to Florida face another week of worrying about whether their communities will fall in the storm’s path.

Some public officials said Sunday they are concerned that the frequency of hurricanes this year may cause coastal residents to ignore orders to evacuate or stock supplies as Ike approaches.

In Houston, a number of residents said they are among those experiencing hurricane warning fatigue.

“There are so many names coming by — it’s Gustav, then Hanna, then Ike,” said Andy Berma, a medical office manager who relocated to Houston from Chicago two months ago. “It’s like a herd of animals coming at you. It seems like the media needs something to talk about.”

Beware of ‘hurricane fatigue,’ officials warn | Houston & Texas News | – Houston Chronicle.

We were warned it would be a busy season…Here’s the models…

I heard from my New Orleans friends that even though they were home, they were not unpacking. Anyway you look at it those lines look a little close to home…

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