Final Gustav Update for Me

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Hurricane Gustav continues plowing inland, and is now just a Category 1 hurricane. The storm surge has peaked and is falling in New Orleans and along the Mississippi coast. A storm surge of 12 feet was recorded at Northeast Bay Gardene, and surges of 10 feet were seen at several other locations (Figure 2). Higher storm surges no doubt affected nearby locations, and some levees were overtopped. However, there are no reports as yet that any levees failed.

Top winds I’ve seen measured at the surface in Gustav were at the mouth of the Mississippi River at Pilot’s Station East, which reported sustained winds of 91 mph, gusting to 117, at a height of 24 meters at 4 am CDT. Top waves were 34 feet at 2 am at Buoy 42040, south of Dauphin Island, Alabama. Gustav has spawned seven tornadoes so far. No serious damage has been reported from these twisters yet.

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We all missed the big one when Gustav decided to sprint for the shore…As bad as it was, it could have been much worse. The reports on the news here have flooding along the lakefront and south of town. I am sure we will be hearing about more as the night plays out…

Here today it was breezy and overcast off and on. No rain, no strong winds. Barbecue was on the pit last night to finish in the house today (just in case). Grandson in the wading pool and family and friends over for good food…

Looks like it’s back to work tomorrow…Godspeed to all those displaced by the threat…May you all return to find your homes still in good repair.

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