Sunday morning liberal media muse…warning liberal politics ahead

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While reporters at The Post and The New York Times have been vetting McCain, many others give him a free pass. Their default cliché is to present him as the Old Faithful everyone already knows. They routinely salute his “independence,” his “maverick image” and his “renegade reputation” — as the hackneyed script was reiterated by Karl Rove in a Wall Street Journal op-ed column last week. At Talking Points Memo, the essential blog vigilantly pursuing the McCain revelations often ignored elsewhere, Josh Marshall accurately observes that the Republican candidate is “graded on a curve.”

Most Americans still don’t know, as Marshall writes, that on the campaign trail “McCain frequently forgets key elements of policies, gets countries’ names wrong, forgets things he’s said only hours or days before and is frequently just confused.” Most Americans still don’t know it is precisely for this reason that the McCain campaign has now shut down the press’s previously unfettered access to the candidate on the Straight Talk Express.

Op-Ed Columnist – Frank Rich – The Candidate We Still Don’t Know –

I know I read too much of the liberal media…just ask Jim. Just to set the record straight I also listen to Bill O’Reilly most days (I just don’t agree with him) and check out the conservative blogs.

The fact that I have spent my life in one of the redest of red states where even the democrats are to the right of some repulicans around the country doesn’t seem to give me any perspective in some peoples eyes. But as I watch the way the “liberal mainstream media” ignore the out and out fabrications, the “flip flops”, the lack of consistant policies offered by Senator McCains campaign, I have to wonder just what type of media the conservatives in America are wanting…China style media control?

Our corporate media has already proven in the last decade whose interests they are covering (up for?). It isn’t the American people’s, unless your definition only includes those who received the bulk of the Bush tax cuts. The way we have allowed the media consolidation in these last few administrations will in the long run be the hardest to unravel as me continue this magnificent experiment we call America.

The internet goes a ways toward opening up the conversation, but, this country is still a long way from the day when everyone has (or knows how to use) access to wired media. We are also are beginning to see the battle shake out over how or if the corporations are going to control the web. Given the way the corporations have consolidated control over the mainstream media, their efforts to exert control on the gateways to the internet is troubling to say the least.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday morning liberal media muse…warning liberal politics ahead”

  1. Yes, you read too much liberal politics, but most absurdly and abhorrently, you buy into it, even spread the misinformation of the morally confused.

    “It isn’t the American people’s, unless your definition only includes those who received the bulk of the Bush tax cuts.” It just so happens that the average family of four in America received $1,600 from the tax cuts. I guess the middle class isn’t composed of “American people”.

    How absurd to play partisan politics as if Obama, who stands for increased taxes, bigger government, less individual liberty, anti-business, and socialist redistribution of wealth to the least deserving, is an answer to our problems and viable candidate for President of the US.

    Obama, inexperienced, junior senator since 2004 :), spells nothing but disaster as a senator, let alone President. Compare this to an experienced Congressman whose served on the Senate Commerce Committee and is an American war hero who understands the role that the US should play in the world.

  2. Jim…Get your own blog…While I haven’t called you names or questioned your morality you seem to have trouble with mine…so bye bye.

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