Ausust One Muse – The Heat Is On

First things first — Happy Birthday Sherry. I know you never read these muses…but hell, I’ll still say it here. The best present I ever got…

Now to the subject of this muse…Heat.

It’s hot here, it’s hot across the south, it’s hot on the Blue Ridges of North Carolina and Virginia. The prognosticators are calling for 90’s all over. We have been topping out in the upper 90’s for a week. I have heard rumors of heat indexes approaching 110 (I haven’t investigated…I really don’t want to know).

So in honor of the season…
Glenn Frey – The Heat Is On – Music Video 


July heat was just the beginning for Houston area | Houston & Texas News | – Houston Chronicle
As the warmest time of the year approaches for the Northern Hemisphere, Southeast Texas is feeling the heat.

July may not have been an exceptionally warm month — largely because of some cloudy, cool days courtesy of Hurricane Dolly — yet all but two of the past 20 days have seen temperatures rise to 95 degrees or higher.

The mercury even hit 100 on July 14, the first time that happened in Houston since Aug. 14 of last year.

July ended with an average temperature of 84.9 degrees, 1.3 degrees above normal.

Forecasters say the heat will intensify this weekend, as high pressure dominates in the atmosphere, keeping clouds largely at bay. One plus is that the humidity might be lower as a result. Friday’s high was 97.

“But it’s still going to be pretty nasty weather,” said Chuck Roeseler, a senior forecaster at the Houston/Galveston office of the National Weather Service.

Such is life in Houston in August.

With temperatures nearing 100 this weekend, Houston’s heat index could come close to 108, the threshold for issuing a heat advisory, Roeseler said.

Relief may come next week — on Tuesday or Wednesday — when a low-pressure disturbance could bring precipitation. The likelihood of more cloud cover should also act to moderate temperatures.

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