Sunday Morning Musing

Pardon the parsity of the recent posts. I find myself in that strange world of being in between. After thirty-five years at the same company (yes, most of my co-workers weren’t even born when I started), I find my skills and knowledge not as welcome as they were. Management changes have left me “out of the game” and my pre-announced “retirement date” has left me treading water without much in the way of challenges…

This has carried over to my home life as well…Not wanting to get too invested in more here in Southeast Texas as we have to wait and plan for a move up to the Blue Ridge.

So as the heat of summer settles in, I settle back and take care of maintenance and not much more…And the summer doldrums are carrying over to my blogging and photography. The one bright spot is the new smoker/grill I was gifted with for Father’s Day. Smoked brisket and grilled burgers have become a regular part of the menu.

This week I have been up to my neck in “honey dos”. Ripping out old carpet, painting and cleaning to get ready for a small get together the wife is throwing for our youngest daughter next weekend. Grandchild number two is on the way and it’s Shower Time…I really need to clear the house next weekend.

Oh well, time to get busy…doors to paint and old hardwood floors to clean…Catch ya’ll later…

One thought on “Sunday Morning Musing”

  1. Gary… My first instinct was to send condolences for a truly crappy action by your employer, but my personal similar experience and recent observations of other close friends’ experiences makes me shout CONGRATULATIONS! instead. I wasn’t asked to resign, but it wasn’t hard to hear the resounding cheers when I did (after 25 years). The outcome has been blissful in every way… including financial. There will be blessings and opportunities ahead that you can’t imagine and you’ll look back on this time as a serendipitous beginning. I wish you peace and good fortune, along with the grace of good decisions.

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