Musing About The Texas Legislature

Magnum, P.C.: PI rule for computer techs doesn’t benefit public | – Houston Chronicle
Last year the Texas Legislature passed a law requiring anyone who retrieves data from a computer, analyzes it and makes a report to a customer to have a private investigator’s license. The law is a perfect example of how the Legislature responds to the lobby with little or no thought to the greater public interest.

Ok…I’ll bite. What the hell does this have to do with anyting? The Geek Squad with guns? A PI in every IS department…Texas always has had an interesting set of professional “lawmakers”, but this just gives credence to everything Molly used to say…

One thought on “Musing About The Texas Legislature”

  1. Good Job, Texas!!! I read your law and it clearly prohibits computer technicians from doing criminal and civil case investigations. Further checking shows computer technicians untrained in evidence handling are trying to do unlicensed investigations that only the police and other LICENSED professionals are trained to do by law. C’mon computer techs, don’t be absurd…stick with fixing them, selling them, and making them work, but don’t think you can get a license-free ride to do a criminal or civil case investigation just because the case involves computer evidence.

    I am not sure what the motives are by not being truthful about the Texas Law that clearly allows computer techs to do computer tech work, and NOT “investigation” work as defined by law. I can only guess that techs are finding new profits from unlicensed investigations, and many can’t qualify to get those licenses, including passing the criminal background check.

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