Shhhh…Keep it quiet. Someone might hear…

And be sure the VP doesn’t find out, he’ll want to drill there.

Congress Pushes to Keep Land Untamed –
INDEX, Wash. — With little fanfare, Congress has embarked on a push to protect as many as a dozen pristine areas this year in places ranging from the glacier-fed streams of the Wild Sky Wilderness here to West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest. By the end of the year, conservation experts predict, this drive could place as much as 2 million acres of unspoiled land under federal control, a total that rivals the wilderness acreage set aside by Congress over the previous five years.

It appears that there will be more wilderness to argue about exploiting if this passes. Let’s hope it does. It’s easier to protect if it’s official to start with.

One thought on “Shhhh…Keep it quiet. Someone might hear…”

  1. Many wild places should be protected for their unique and important habitat, but it should not be considered as a means to a political end, which in this case appears to be to stop drilling for oil. Because we all know how EVIL oil is….

    On my way to vacation in NC’s Outer Banks, I saw a business sign that for no pecuniary effect read: “Open Up The Oil Fields” to all passersby. It’s clear that many Americans are going to increase their opposition to any who advocate replacing rather than supplementing our energy with alternative sources.

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