Texas Values…Just Musing…

State GOP targets Obama at Houston convention (w/video) | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle
Cornyn was among several speakers who called the party home to its philosophical foundation and urged voters to view Obama as a near-socialist who doesn’t share Texas values.

The state’s other senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, said Obama offers change but is one of “the same old tax-and-spend Democrats.”

You know, my ancestors settled in the state back when it wasn’t a state in these United States of America. To have Senator Cornyn tell me my values aren’t Texan just doesn’t wash. Texas politicians have been in the pocket of Texas business for a long time…It makes Texas a great place to do business but a not so grat place to live. It probably explains why Texas ranks last or near last on most social issues.

Schools…Let’s not go there. The students don’t. Heinlien had it right…Students get educated in spite of the schools.

Property taxes…Some of the highest in the land. I’ve seen million dollar homes taxed in other states at less than the taxes on a home in my town that’s assessed at under a $100k.

Electrical Rates…We rank in the top ten. And that’s not the good ten.

Air Quality…Who wants to breath something you can’t see and taste?

Mass Transit…Have you ever seen a Houston freeway at quitting time? Now that is mass transit.

So, no,  Mr Cornyn, Mrs. Hutchison…I really don’t share the values you espouse. And while the Republican party has enjoyed a long run at messing with Texas, it may just be time for a change…

It’s time we take the bromides out of Politics and put the people back…

One thought on “Texas Values…Just Musing…”

  1. Let’s hope TX stays as red as it always has. Obama clearly is the amateur statesman advocating socialist policies, so the GOP is right on there.

    Mass transit? Only NYC is dense enough to have a public transit system that pays for itself. No where else in America is it profitable. Surely TX is too spread out for mass transit.

    And TX is a great place to live. It’s cities are some of the fastest growing in America. An oil-focused economy must really be boosting the TX economy. And I read many TX towns that are considered “best places to live” by many sources.

    On the downside of TX is it’s unfortunate southern border which really diminishes standard of living stats like infant fatalities, educational attainment, welfare recipients, etc.

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