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At last someone who has noticed the same thing I’ve been saying for months to my family…

Op-Ed Columnist – Frank Rich – One Historic Night, Two Americas – Op-Ed –
Given the dividing line separating the two Americas of 2008, a ticket uniting Mr. McCain and Hillary Clinton might actually be a better fit than the Obama-Clinton “dream ticket,” despite their differences on the issues. Never was this more evident than Tuesday night, when Mrs. Clinton and Mr. McCain both completely misread a one-of-a-kind historical moment as they tried to cling to the prerogatives of the 20th century’s old guard.

The entire column makes a very good read on the cultural/political interactions of this years political climate. I guess the question it raises for me is why is it I identify with the youngsters and not the old guard?

Why is it so obvious to me that at every step of the way, both Clinton and McCain seem so in the Washington bubble, so unable to step out of it and see the world through the eyes of everyday Americans?

Remarkably, neither Mrs. Clinton nor Mr. McCain had the grace to offer a salute to Mr. Obama’s epochal political breakthrough, which reverberated so powerfully across the country and throughout the world. By being so small and ungenerous, they made him look taller. Their inability to pivot even briefly from partisan self-interest could not be a more telling symptom of the dysfunctional Washington culture Mr. Obama aspires to mend.

It was Hillary Clinton’s speech on Tuesday night that convinced me she was really clueless. Listening to McCain’s effort to upstage the the Obama night left me sure of my earlier comment about his lack of the Presidential Voice. And now I don’t think he even sees the lack as a lack. I guess if it worked for Bush, he thinks it’ll work for you.@

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  1. I think McCain sticks to his principles, most of which are conservative, because 1. they work and 2. he’s experienced, which can seem boring to the more radical elements.

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