Did you feel it? The world changed…

Obama’s In Control: No More Lobbyist Contributions To Democratic Party – Politics on The Huffington Post
“The DNC and the Obama Campaign are unified and working together to elect Barack Obama as the next president of the United States. Our presumptive nominee has pledged not to take donations from Washington lobbyists and from today going forward the DNC makes that pledge as well,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean. “Senator Obama has promised to change the way things are done in Washington and this step is a sure sign of his commitment. The American people’s priorities will set the agenda in an Obama Administration, not the special interests.”

Politics in America has a chance to really become democratic again…

My wife is as non-political as they come…And she has already given a small donation top the Obama Campaign. Believe me when I say that is a world changing event in and of itself.

7 thoughts on “Did you feel it? The world changed…”

  1. Yes, I did feel it – it being higher taxes for almost everyone in America, anti-business policies, over-spending on entitlements, the loss of American liberties regarding the Second Amendment, a vulnerable security plan, collaboration with terrorists, and God knows what else from a lack of experience.

    Hence, McCain is my only chance for a strong America.

  2. Jeez, and I was talking about the un-buying of elections by special interests…As for everything you speak of Jim, real taxes on those earning under the median have risen in the past seven years, pro-business policies and non enforcement of existing laws have endangered the very existence of the “middle class”, and give me a break on the second amendment crap…Gun regulation does not endanger the lawful ownership of a handgun or “deer” rifle, but no one needs a assault weapon for home protection…As for concealed weapons laws, I am against them. If someone is going to carry a weapon it should be out in plain sight where everyone can see it.

    And with your fear mongering about about collaboration with terrorists and lack of experience. What exactly has the past seven years given us…lack of experience and collaboration with executive terrorists…So what exactly do we have to lose?

  3. Gary, without business there would be no middle class. The most successful which includes more and more middle class every year pay more in both percentage and absolute dollars in taxes. The “below median” you cite are the recipients of this welfare. You help everyone by growing the economy, not by redistributing what you have.

    Gun regulation increases the cost of a Constitutional right for law-abiding citizens with the end goal of the removal of all citizen’s guns. The Constitution mentions nothing about deer hunting Gary, rather it was more concerned with protecting the people from oppressive governments. Therefore, the people need access to weapons that does just that. If you think this psycho, then just look at it in historical context. And plain sight carry is like is just an advertisement to your enemies to step up the level of counter-attack.

    What has the last 7 yrs given us? Absolute security with NO attacks on American soil since 9/11, and a damaged terrorist network where the likes of Bin Laden cannot stick his head out of some cave. It’s also shown us how widespread our enemies abroad and within are which is a good thing to know before it’s too late when it gets more serious.

    What do we have to lose? Our liberties, our freedom to lead, our Constitutional rights, our resources and ideals toward better living and human rights.

  4. Jim I’ll grant you the need for business in order for a middle class to exist. What I do not agree with you on is the need for the corporate welfare that has replaced the social welfare of the past century. When the redistribution of wealth is accelerated not by successful business innovation but by the deregulation and relaxation of moral standards and requisite law enforcement on those people and corporations that are gaming the system you have a general problem with the system.

    How has job exportation to third world counties help grow anything in the American economy other than the income of the corporate officers you wish to give tax breaks to? While every tax cut does keep the government of all the people from sustaining the infrastructure needed by all to keep America strong and growing.

    Actually I think the Constitution was worried about protecting America period. This whole argument seems to be based on fear…fear of the world and what the crazies might do to you. If that fear turns you into one of the crazies they win. Just as if fear of terrorist forces you to take the same type actions, are you not a terrorist in the other sides eyes?

    Your absolute security is a myth. The fact we haven’t had an attack on American Soil means nothing at this point. And really, the lack of an attack never means anything about security other than you haven’t been attacked. If you really think security is any different now than it was in the spring of 2001 you live in a dream world. Some of the worst attacks on American soil have been by Americans and they will happen again.

    As long as our ideals of human rights are led by guns and bombs, and our ideal of better living are confined to importing cheap, unsafe goods from China we need to rethink our ideals…in my humble opinion.

  5. OMG! You want to talk about redistribution of wealth? All Democrats do because they can’t fathom actually helping people by growing the economy rather they want to take away from a finite pool of other people’s income.

    Job exportation has been painful for those workers in industries that have lower skills. But the benefits of creating lower priced goods for our country’s people as well as freeing up labor to move into more profitable sectors of the economy more than offset those temporary inconveniences.

    And the Constitution is plain as we will all see June 30 when the Supreme Court shows the anti-gunners, like Obama, that EVERY law-abiding citizen is entitled to a firearm if desired.

    Lastly, if you tell a victim’s family from 9/11 that no attack is just a myth, I’m not sure they grasp your logic.

  6. You are right Jim, but the redistribution of wealth i am talking about isn’t from richer to poorer but the other way around. Middle class families watching their savings and earnings eaten away to line the pockets of the CEO’s and the company execs as they bend and stretch legalities to make ever more for themselves.

    And I am sorry Jim, but the jobs being lost long ago quit being lower skilled. And the labor we free to shuffle into part time jobs at WalMart don’t do a whole lot for the economy as a whole.

    And you misquote me again when you say I said “no attack is just a myth”. The point I made is that “absolute security is a myth”. The only absolute in life is death, the only absolute security is the grave…No where is security guaranteed, and I don’t put much faith in the security promised by those who say otherwise.

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