Musing on the end of a primary…

Clinton’s Count Doesn’t Add Up –
You have to admire Hillary Clinton for her ability to reshape reality to her preferred outcome. She seems to assume that if she says something loudly enough, and repeats it often enough, it will become true. Her victory speech in Puerto Rico was a minor masterpiece in carefully parsed self-delusion. Unfortunately for her, it takes more than conviction to win the Democratic nominating contest.

Over the weekend I was listening to Harold Ickes on the Sunday talk shows and the Clinton spin on the way this race is going to end reminded me of only one other group…The White House of George W Bush.

Meet The Press, June 1, 2008

MR. ICKES: No. Here’s what I’m saying, Tim: In choosing the nominee, there are a number of–many factors to take into account, and we think that popular vote is a very, very strong measure and should be weighed heavily by the remaining superdelegates in making the final decision, because these 200 plus will, in fact, make the nomination. They are the convention now.
MR. RUSSERT: Since Super Tuesday, 157 superdelegates have opted for Obama, 33 for Clinton.

MR. ICKES: Mm-hmm.

MR. RUSSERT: Clearly they’re not buying the argument as you’re laying it out. If, on Wednesday morning, Barack Obama has enough elected delegates and committed superdelegates to put him over the 2118, will Senator Clinton congratulate him as the nominee?

MR. ICKES: We expect to get the nomination, Tim, and we’re making a case.

MR. RUSSERT: That’s not the question.

MR. ICKES: That’s the answer.

MR. RUSSERT: So she won’t congratulate him if he has the…

MR. ICKES: I didn’t say that. We expect to get the nomination. We don’t accept the premise of your question.

“We don’t accept the premise of your question.” If that doesn’t sound like our President speaking about any number of issues I don’t know what does. Head in the sand, full speed ahead, damn the consequences…”We don’t accept the premise of your question.”

Early in this campaign season Hillary Clinton could have had my vote. Then her organization started looking like the cast of the West Wing, shooting themselves in the foot at every turn. Only this isn’t TV and the director doesn’t get to cut the scenes that don’t work out or rewrite the dialog that doesn’t tell the story. As television doing something stupid and losing was fleshing out the character. Doing the same thing in real life is just losing. Doing it and then trying to spin the results in the opposite direction just makes you look as dumb as the current administration and leads to the same approval ratings…157 to 33…Pretty much says it all doesn’t it?

Let’s see what this day brings…Will the spinning stop?

My 2¢ muse for the day…

4 thoughts on “Musing on the end of a primary…”

  1. As of today, Hillary is still fighting. Regardless of what happens, it is possible that she would stand a better chance against McCain than Obama. At least that is what VA is saying:

    Regarding Bush, it all depends on who is asking what kind of questions. Bush’s disregard for the left-leaning media, and political charlatans such as Pelosi, Reid, and Dean, and the morally-confused population who buy into the Daily Kos, etc. makes him approach genius in my view.

  2. Seems like the poll you point at says VA voters think Obama would do better than Clinton against McCain. Only 44% picked McCain over Obama but 47% picked McCain over Clinton. The only portion of the state that leans heavily to McCain though is Clinton’s Appalachian voters and there she still is in the hole.

    Not that it will matter…Obama is the nominee.

    George W Bush a genius…Give me a break. The only way you can conceivably believe that is if you credit him with the highway robbery of the American working class over the last 7 years.

  3. The working class received tax cuts, temporary government expenditures, and unwisely expanded health care because of Bush. The liberal response would have been tax increases redistributed as handouts without incenting the working class to improve their skills resulting in further decline of our standard of living. Actually, the latter is Obama’s platform.

  4. I see we again don’t agree on the definition of working class…I guess if what you call is Obama’s platform is for real he should have no trouble finding himself in the White House…The “Bush base” has gotten him (s)elected time and again for their own financial interests not the good of the country…

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