If You Build It…Will They Come?

No ships coming to new Port of Houston cruise terminal | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle
The gleaming new $81 million cruise terminal at the Port of Houston will open soon, but don’t expect throngs of passengers, streamers or cracking champagne bottles.

Or a ship, for that matter.

Port officials haven’t yet secured a deal with any cruise operators, and officials say ships probably won’t start setting sail from the Bayport berth until fall 2009, even though the facility should be finished by the end of this summer.

$81 million on a whim. And politicians wonder why the public listens with only part of their brain…It’s because politicians only seem to be using part of theirs…

One thought on “If You Build It…Will They Come?”

  1. I used to work for one of the “evil development” companies. It’s my take, that the Bay Area is expecting to “take off” and become a major tourist area/upscale neighborhood.

    They are banking on the following:

    the Grand Parkway,
    the Lockheed Martin/Nasa contract,
    the Bayport Cruise Terminal, and
    all of the Highrise condos going up.

    Course with the economy the way that it is, the Highrise guys are having a devil of a time getting funding.

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