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  1. I googled Keith Olbermann and found that both the Media Research Center and other news networks have demonstrated the he has a gross liberal bias. Basically, Olbermann has attacked 7 times as many conservatives as liberals. In summary, he and most of the media cannot be trusted. Friends don’t let friends watch MSNBC.

  2. You know Jim, no matter how much you keep pushing the “Liberal Media” myth, personal experience proves otherwise.

    When even the “Liberal” talking heads on most of the “Liberal Media” shows sound about as liberal as Joe Lieberman the “Liberal Media” has an identity problem.

    I do find I agree with you on trusting the media, though I see it from the opposite side…Even the so called Liberals are more conservative than the general population.

  3. Gary, liberal media bias (with extremely few recent exceptions like FOX) is very well documented. Check out “media bias” in wikipedia for documentation of this bias.

    And if the general population is so liberal, then why is it conservatives have had considerable control of the government? For example, Bush won both elections. Let’s face it – the red states and their electoral votes have recently outnumbered the blue. So where’s this “general population” you refer to?

    Oh, and Lieberman is one of the few Democrats that I would vote for. Too bad he couldn’t be this year’s Dem nominee… Instead of Hillary, I greatly admire Thatcher. Instead of Obama, I would prefer Alan Keyes. We sure are on opposite ends of the spectrum:)

    This makes me wonder what, where, when and how people get their political bearings.

  4. Bad example Jim…Bush, hasn’t won an election since he ran for governor of Texas, my home state.

    You can have Lieberman. Alan Keyes…Are you kidding, Why not Obama’s Pastor?

    I grew into my political bearings in the South in the 1960’s before the white middle class Democrats got pissed about Equal Rights and President Johnson. My people pretty much agreed with him though, as opposed to those who switched parties. Then there was that golden rule my grandma beat into my head and bottom as I grew up…So I’ve pretty much based my politics on how I would prefer to be treated, and tried to treat the world with the same respect.

    I have always felt that I was blessed to have been born an American. That left me with an obligation to treat the rest of the world the same way I want to be treated…Fairly and in good faith.

    So where is the wonder?

  5. “Bush, hasn’t won an election since he ran for governor of Texas”

    You’re right. His fairy godmother waived her wand and made him President. Yippee!

    I think Johnson had the awful luck of becoming known for creating the Great Welfare Society. The welfare legislation passed by Johnson made dependents out of the impoverished rather than gave them the means for self-help and independence. This ugly cycle still exists today, and it is still a large constituency of the Democrat party.

    Politics are usually a personal subject, but it is fascinating how people relate to issues and candidates. Thanks for chatting with me.

  6. “You’re right. His fairy godmother waived her wand and made him President.”

    I’m glad we can finally agree on something.

    Your comments about Johnson though..Had Johnson not started the ball rolling, we would still be ignoring the issue of the poor and disadvantaged while guaranteeing the profits of the few.

    It’s kind of like the issue of voter fraud…The only fraud being instituted is by the few passing laws to disenfranchise the many.

    You are right about politics being personal…It’s a good thing we aren’t discussing religion.

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